BizBanc enables online transactons at very low cost.
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BizBanc Cloud Services.  BizBanc is now on Microsoft's Windows Azure Cloud.  BizBanc is expanding its MasterTithe product line with two new services: ChurchVault and LifeLine.

BizBanc marks our 1st anniversary with Rackspace (NYSE:RAX) as our cloud computing provider.  BizBanc now has more than 100 companies using our services.  BizBanc is expanding our core products to give our client every advantage possible at the lowest cost.

Get Windows Live ID Free BizBanc Supports Single-SignOn: What if you could use the same login credentials at all your favorite sites.  That is quickly becoming a reality with sites such a FaceBook™, Twitter™, and other major sites.  It's called a "Federated Identity".  There are two major complementary services, Microsoft Windows Live ID Service (more than 500 million subscribers) and the OpenID system.  These services simply allow you to use a single sign-on identity at these sites making your life a little easier.  BizBanc uses the Windows Live ID service because it is well supported currently and is completely free. (If you don't already have Live ID get yours FREE)

As "Your Partner In Every Transaction" we pledge to bring you more services than you pay for, ask us how.